Principles of Faith

What We Believe

We believe in the Creator, our Father, the Creative Origin, who created the heavens and the earth, of all things seen and unseen.

We believe in Rabboni, Jesus the Christ, sent by our Father to teach, lead, inspire, and direct us in the religious and spiritual way to the Father.

We believe Rabboni directs us through living example, has given and is giving us dynamic teaching, provides us and is providing mystical leadership, inspired us and is inspiring us with the true way of life, the way of spiritual healing, right action, right livelihood, right thought, right feeling, the way of our ancient heritage and integrity, the way of the Creator our Father from Adamah (ish and ishah) to this very day.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, Creator's Presence with and in us, sent from the Father through Rabboni, a Comforter and Inspirator of all things good and right, for our wholeness, well-being and sound mindfulness.

We believe in the Integrity of the created human, male and female, a living soul by the breath of Creator, through Creator's spoken Word. Our integrity is promised in the sacred writings of our spiritual and physical ancestors, from Abraham, the Prophets, Rabboni and his Apostles to this very day.

We believe the sacred writings (Scriptures) of our spiritual and physical ancestors were given by inspiration from Creator and preserved throughout the ages to our present day, and are good and right for teaching, leading, inspiring, and directing our spiritual understanding.

We believe our wholeness, well being and very life rests in Creator's response to our faith. This very moment, faith is the certainty in the mind that Creator's promises and gifts yield what is good and right for us, this very moment faith, demonstrates the truth within and without which is beyond our senses.

We believe in our inalienable right to worship in freedom from oppression by any and all institutions and government agency seeking to limit and control our religious liberty.

We believe our religious liberty does not include any freedom to commit violence against another human, nor rob another human of their religious, intellectual and emotional liberty.

We believe religious experience and spiritual teachings are an intrinsic human value. We understand that religious and spiritual experiences resides a direct, intimate and continual recognition of our Creator.

We believe in our inalienable right to maintain a rational and methodical approach to an understanding of our universe, which emanated from our Creator. We reserve our right and intellectual freedom to not be subject to cultural and socio-political coercion, by any erroneous teachings of the natural and physical sciences, which would seek to rob us of our true natural and supernatural inheritance.

We believe our understanding of life and our living of life is rooted in principles and values, superceding the aberrant and dysfunctional obsessions of modern technological society.

We believe our spiritual heritage includes custodial responsibility with our Earth, our Heavens, which has been taken without warrant, controlled without true recognition, and polluted for personal ephemeral gain, the resources and temporal space of which rightly given to all of us by Creator.

And we believe in so much more...because our faith is not limited to present life experience.

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