North American Catholic Apostolic Church

A New Ecumenical Ministry (ANEM) for Applied Theology

The North American Catholic Apostolic Church is an autocephalous Catholic Church organized, operated and administered by the Bishop of the Diocese of Santa Fe for Igreja Catolica Apostolica Norte Americana (North American Catholic Apostolic Church) through the Apostolic Succession of Dom Carlos Duarte Costa for Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brazileira (Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church).

An autocephalous church is a hierarchical church whose head bishop does not report to any higher-ranking bishop. This is simply saying the North American Catholic Apostolic Church is an independent Catholic Church...self-governing.

Are we Christian? Yes. We are firmly situated within the Judeo-Christian spiritual and religious traditions. We do not depart from the essentials...Biblically and spiritually.

Protestant? Yes and no.  + Dom Carlos Duarte Costa, our founding Bishop protested the Roman Catholic social doctrine in Brazil during the first half of the twentieth century. We possess valid catholic, episcopal, apostolic sucession.

Roman Catholic? No. We do not seek or follow the Roman Catholic Church's ecclesiastical authority, social doctrine and doctrinal innovations. If a teaching cannot be firmly derived and understood from the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, we do not seek or follow such teachings.

You can learn more about our ministry by clicking through to our other pages. Check out Dokeo: Substance and Evidence which outlines our spiritual and religious approach and understanding. Check out Nota: Notes and Letters which contains thoughts, opinions and perspectives. You may not agree, which is your perogative, and we do not suggest our thoughts, opinions and perspectives are final and absolute...finality and absolutism rests in our Creator.

About our Bishop


The Bishop was consecrated on October 8, 1988 by Dom Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez, Patriarch of Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brazileira (Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church) , in San Jose, California. Dom Luis was assisted by Dom Ivan Dutra de Morais, Dom Baron Claude Roger and Dom Jerome Joachim. Dom Baron Claude Roger was the Diocesan Bishop of Ottawa and Dom Jerome Joachim was the Diocesan Bishop of Albuquerque. During consecration the Bishop was installed as the Diocesan Bishop of Santa Fe for the North American Catholic Apostolic Church, with the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

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