A New Ecumenical Ministry (ANEM) for Applied Theology

North American Catholic Apostolic Church

A New Ecumenical Ministry (ANEM) for Applied Theology is a religious society dedicated to a fresh and modern approach to spiritual work, reconciliation and healing, all within an understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ. Our ecumenical approach includes building understanding, cooperation and dialogue with other religious paths without diluting our commitment to Jesus of Nazareth.

A New Ecumenical Ministry (ANEM) for Applied Theology's mission is to provide a spiritual milieu for spiritual healing, encouraging insight into living fully, joyous and free, and understanding ourselves, our relationships, our religious communities, and our Creator.

A New Ecumenical Ministry (ANEM) for Applied Theology is ministry of the North American Catholic Apostolic Church, an autocephalous Catholic Church organized, operated and administered by the Bishop of the Diocese of Santa Fe for Igreja Catolica Apostolica Norte Americana (North American Catholic Apostolic Church) through the Apostolic Succession of Dom Carlos Duarte Costa for Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brazileira (Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church).

Everyday Thoughts from a Theologian

A Theological Experiment

The articles contained in the link here is a theological experiment in treating the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and his relationship with the Father. The intention is not to establish doctrinal statements, rather to consider the existential and phenomenological process in theological thought. You can review the articles here.

Principles of Faith

What we believe

A New Ecumenical Ministry (ANEM) for Applied Theology has become inspired with a fresh look at the prinicples of faith which define a Judeo-Christian communion and fellowship. We use 'principle' in a less formal manner than what one may experience in science and mathematics. Our intention is to express the explicit directions to be followed in life...directions from our Creator. You can read the basics of these principles here in our Dokeo section

Manifesto to the Nations

A Touch of History

Dom Carlos Duarte Costa, Bishop of Rio de Janeiro, writes his manifesto to Dom Eugenio Pacelli, the Bishop of Rome (pope) which chronologically follows New York Times and Time Magazine articles in 1945 also here in our Dokeo section

About our Web Site

You will notice we use some unfamiliar terms in our navigation column and for our web site sections. These terms are root words from Latin, Greek, Old English, et cetera. We believe contemporary life with its emphasis on technology and current affairs tends to sever us from our spiritual and religious roots. Using unfamiliar root terms does not directly bind us back with ourselves, our relationships and with our Creator, yet root terms become signs for recognition of true spiritual values and beliefs. This is similar to using symbols of faith to impart sacred teachings.

We call this process resacralization, which could be considered the opposite of secularization.

You can become more familiar with our approach and an understanding of the teachings given us by clicking on the Gates Nota: Notes & Letters and Dokeo: Substance & Evidence. We do not expect you to agree with every thought. We do not suggest that every thought and word, we have included in our website, is absolute truth.

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